Bulk Unfollow People on LinkedIn

Mass Bulk Unfollow People on LinkedIn (Updated 2018)

Note: The article will be updated often. Bookmark this page to keep track of the unfollow script. Mad props to STE for the GitHub source.

Yeah, LinkedIn is great. But, I don’t want to see what my connections have liked. This is not Facebook. Ultimately, it’s their choice. The connections can do whatever they like.

Recently I decided to unfollow everyone and only follow the key-people. I did a quick google search and found an answer on Quora. I found a new script while browsing public repositories on GitHub. It works on Chrome, and I’ll share it here:

Step 1: Visit this page on LinkedIn; linkedin.com/feed/following.

Step 2: Open Developer Tools in Chrome (Right Click -> Inspect). Switch to the console tab.

Step 3: Paste this script to the console and press enter:

Bulk Unfollow LinkedIn Script
Click Yes
Mass Unfollow LinkedIn Script
And we’re done!

If the script breaks in the middle, reload the page and repeat the process until the following count reaches zero and LinkedIn displays ‘Follow Fresh Perspectives.’

Bulk Unfollow People on LinkedIn

Good luck.

Update: Here’s another script to bulk follow connections.

Liked the article? Feel free to add me as a connection on LinkedIn to discuss further. And yes, you may unfollow me right away 😉

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