Accelerate Website’s Performance in China

Glad to see you here. Before you hire me or anyone else, I highly recommend you to through the content on this page, and my dedicated blog post on how to improve the website loading speed in China.

Heads up, don’t fall for monthly pricing others charge online. You don’t need that. So-called “China website optimization” agencies tend to upsell their services just to lock you into an ecosystem that you can’t get rid of in the future. I seriously hate it, and I won’t do that to anyone.

Email [email protected]  if you’d like to discuss further.

You don’t need to pay me for the site/data usage. Just pay me for the one-time gig, and you’re all set. I’d even provide training for your in-house team for a fair price.

Enough with the ranting. Here’s what I can do to make your global site load faster in mainland China.

Make It Work

Struggling with your current host? Is your current website not even loading in China? Leave the tech jargon to me, I’ll do whatever it takes to make your site work in China flawlessly.

Website Migration

You’d need this if your current host doesn’t give us the full-control to optimize the server. I could help you migrate the site to a brand new China-optimized server if you’d like. 

Server Optimization

This requires a ton of work in the backend. Ranging from setting up/replacing a web server to optimizing it to the fullest. I guarantee zero downtime during the process.

Optimize WordPress

I live and breathe WordPress, seriously. I’ll be more than happy if your current site is based on WordPress CMS. I can optimize the server, database, and content for WordPress sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Web Hosting in China

Do I need an ICP License?

No, an ICP License is only necessary when you host the site inside China. Eg: If you plan to host the site on a server in Beijing, you’d need an ICP license.

Where should I host my site since I don’t want to go through the ICP License hassle?

An optimized DigitalOcean Singapore node. I’ll set it up for you.

Should I get an ICP License in the future?

It depends, it’s recommended to get one if you solely plan to cater to the Chinese audience via your website. It’s not necessary if you plan to cater to both China and the rest of the world.

Is WordPress blocked in China

No, WordPress CMS ( is readily available for development and production. However, is completely blocked in China.

Do you offer CDN set-up?

Yes, I could set up any CDN service of your choice.

So, what’s the catch? Why should I hire you instead of an agency?

Budget pricing and industry experience. I’ve optimized sites like,,,, etc. to name a few. Plus I don’t upsell my services.

What’s your pricing like?

  • 500 USD for complete optimization. I charge the same for setting up a new server from scratch.
  • 100 USD for a full audit and 1 hour consulting.
  • 1000 USD for a brand new WordPress website and server set-up.

What are you waiting for? Contact me today if you want to improve your website’s speed and performance in China.

What's faster than a VPN?

Use SocketPro. Best VPN alternative for expats in China.

How to set up a fast website in China?

I provide top-notch website optimization services for China.

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