An Example Bot for Twitter & Facebook

Here’s a small Python script to run your own Every Word Bot variant on Facebook and Twitter. The basic guide is available at the bottom of the article. Unfortunately, the guide is not applicable to beginners. Here’s the GitHub repo.

Step 1 — You need a VPS to host and run this script. I highly recommend a DigitalOcean droplet. I think you’ll get a 50USD or 100USD credit on DigitalOcean when you sign-up with the link I shared. You could check Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform also. Select Debian, Ubuntu, or CentOS while you’re creating a droplet or instance.

Step 2 — Install Python 3 followed by the modules facebook, tweepy, and schedule. Installing modules will become fairly easy once you get the hang of it. 

Step 3 — Create a Facebook page and generate an Access Token from Paste the token to the accesstoken field in the script.

Step 4 — Create a Twitter app and generate tokens & secret keys. It’s explained in the Access token/secret method section of this blog post

Step 5 — Download the English words data-set of your choice.  Replace the words.txt in my repo with the text set of yours. Fire up the script with the command sudo python3

You can use tmux to manage the sessions.

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Get Creative

Look at @loveeveryword and @bottubebot for example. You could use Pillow to post images or even GTTS + moviepy to post videos.

Credit: Cover Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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