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Hi, I’m Mighil, and M1QNET🡕 is my personal brand.

I am a digital strategist, organic growth marketing consultant, and a technical SEO expert who operates from Calicut and Chengdu. I was a student at Anna University, Chennai but decided to drop-out and master organic marketing, the most profitable business strategy.

Since 2012, I’m actively tracking the search algorithm patterns and I embrace the beauty of how search engines work. As a full-stack marketing consultant, I believe I can help small to medium-sized businesses improve their conversion rate. I love to develop marketing campaigns on the principles of generating high-quality content in all forms.

I have both domestic and hands-on international experience when it comes to digital marketing. I’ve previously worked with Tap4Fun, Labex, ugChain, IObit Software, Acodez, and other companies in China and India.

m1qnet, Signalsiren and @thedeadauthor are my experimental music projects. I used to produce electronic music under the monikers Xonikk, B∆SE32, スーパーソニック, and Longma in the past. Papers on absurdism and existentialism are my thing. I do watch a lot of movies. I’m more into horror, mystery, crime, and comedy flicks. I’m a true Gojira (Godzilla) fanboy.

Visit this page to know what I’m doing now. 

My Top 100 Movies as of October 2018. Open image in new tab for better viewing.

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